Crackers and a Can of Soup

by Kelbel and Claud Six

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I said this shit ain’t purty, but it’s gonna have to do
One man’s Hades is another man’s Xanadu
Some days I start my morning in the afternoon
And feast like a Pagan on some crackers and a can of soup
I push an old whip, try to push the envelope
I push people away then can’t let ‘em go
Time and tide don’t wait, tethered to the ebb and flow
Might as well peep a season’s worth of episodes
I get down with them hippie chicks
Who’ve recently chopped they dread locks
Only to migrate eastward
To set up they own nest spot
Sweat shop shoes, sweat shop sweat suit
GMO seeds in my veggies and my fresh fruit
All plastic everything, Drones on a death swoop
Easy to ignore if you pretend it don’t affect you

Overwhelmed by the deeds of the day
I take 5, yeah I take 5
Know myself so it’s easy to say
I ain’t right, nah I ain’t right
No need for some people to blame
I say ‘I”, I say “I”
Proceed, put the feet to the flame
And stay live, yeah I stay live

Strutting in my boxers, Luda and the Buddha Belly
Sip a cup of tea and strum a tune upon my ukulele
My kitchen’s a mess, it represents my headspace
Feeling caught in the middle and stressing on a Wednesday
Reflect it. Throw another round on the Visa card.
A couple PBRs and a slice from the pizza bar.
Blabber on with professionals and vagabonds
Some nights we don’t end until the crack of dawn
Get by through the deep sigh winter
With a groggy, half-opened, blood shot green eyed glimmer
By this time of year, that forecast is gloomy
It makes the images in the Rorschach confusing
I got urgency from Momma, my chill from my Pops
My dreams from the movies and skills from hip hop
I got it on purpose or I got it indirectly
And I gotta get a grip because everything affects me


released April 1, 2014
Production by Kelbel
Vocals by Claud Six
Mixed by Claud Six at The Hives Colony Part Deux
Mastered by Prince Strickland at Portland Underground Recording
Artwork by William Huessy



all rights reserved


Neon Autumn Portland, Oregon

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