Lo​-​fi Love Songs

by Shut-ins and the Colony

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    Side A (available digitally as well)
    1. Love-ins with Shut-ins
    2. Woodland, WA
    3. Kill All Heroes
    4. Down for the Ride

    Side B (available only on cassette)
    5. Love-ins with Shut-ins Instrumental
    6. Woodland, WA instrumental
    7. Idle Resurrection
    8. Down for the Ride instrumental

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"You're listening to Nightlight Love Songs, where the tri-state area falls in love every night," assures the radio, which must mean it's after 9pm on any weekday and you are still stuck behind the counter of this ailing Midwestern town's only gas station. Muffled dedications are called in; little fuzzy serrations supply intermittent texture. "Mark called to say happy anniversary to Cindy." "We've got Jan on the line; she's got something to share with Don." The DJ is smooth but not cool. "Jackie just wants to say hello to a special someone." There are professions and remembrances, and each is quick to surrender itself to the gummy sentimentality that follows: love songs as selected by KNAR, your regional soft rock leader.

You have come to regard this place as an island. Outside is all rolling blackness; farm lights are distant ships on a soundless ocean. The FM signal fades quickly out there, gradually taking on hiss until it sinks entirely. All these eager messages get illegibly rewritten and stuffed into shattered bottles. There is some hope of salvage, but the further the signal travels from its source, the more unlike itself it becomes.

We called in and asked them to play a song for you, but you're only going to hear it out there.


released December 28, 2015

Vocals: Lucas Dix
Production: Ed Curtiss
Additional vocals on "Down for the Ride": Christina Welker

Mixing and mastering: Wesley Opus
Record at Neon Autumn Closet Studios

Photo and design: Lucas Dix



all rights reserved


Neon Autumn Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Love-ins with Shut-ins
Get some lovin’ from a shut-in like
Get some lovin’ from a shut-in like

It’s been a long day, done with work for the week
Sweet honey pie, talking the birds and the bees
Do a load of dishes, I serve and I please
The last one to * ugh * and the first to their knees
Yeah, I got it good, baby, so I give it with the gusto
Come home, kiss you where that sun don’t

Pull a couple strings, push a couple buttons
Leave that all night shit up to the youngings
Got ZZZ’s to catch, I think they hiding in the dark
One sec, better silence the alarm
Morning full of boogie and some bacon grease
Ain’t much you could do that would make me leave (yeasldfjafls)

I don’t wanna play no games
I don’t wanna be your everything
But, girl, you’re the one I want
Oh my, good God, Lo-fi Love Songs

I don’t want all your time
I don’t wanna give you all mine.
But, girl you’re the one I want
Oh my, good God, Lo-fi Love songs
Track Name: Woodland, WA
Good night, good night,
Good night, my love

Let’s quit both of our jobs, even thought we shouldn’t
Sell off our possessions and move our life to Woodland
I hear the houses are cheap and the neighbors are few
And it’s spacious, in case have a baby or two
I’m a sorry excuse for an angler
My smooth hands seen little hard labor
But I’ll whittle down a branch and pull a cane pole out
Sit upon the banks and catch a rainbow trout for you
Or us, or whoever it’s for
Nobody counts the tallies when they’re weathering storms
Spend our Junes in the garden and Decembers indoors
Listening to nosy owls and the echoing roars
Why just Last week, I read a rumor from the east
About our city turning into ruins and debris
Between that, the people, the pollution, and the traffic
Let’s start again, my love, and move from all the madness
I could be a novelist, you could be a florist
I’ll dabble in the cliché’s, you’ll tend to all the orchids
We’ll spend the early mornings at the diner up on tenth
And read the city papers to remind us why we left
Track Name: Kill All Heroes
Kill all heroes, I’m a walking dead man
The best damn lesser evil in a pair of sweat pants
China stacked with animals and egg plant parm
I show up with a message and a deadpanned charm
Hives Inquiry, leaders of the ostracized ministry
Conjuring spirits with the newly aligned syzygy
From the realm where the deviltry’s a bore
And two plus two equals anything but four
The common denominator copping the common cargo
Plotting with a retired posse of modern marvels
No super powers, no arch nemesis
Other than the clock hands and smoked carcinogens
Born a mere hour north of the Sears Tower
Raised with a bleeding heart and a beer growler
Weird outer space chap descending from the last star
Hit the back yard and them chickens cheer louder

Kill all heroes, destroy those idols
Retweet the hashtags, help the boy go viral
It’s safer in the world to be a flash in the frying pan
Rather than a friendly, neighborhood spiderman
Gadzooks…McGuyvering the last snafu
Cash rules…I’m stunting in a hazmat suit
That’s true…I’m human like that Batman dude
I can read your mind, I can snap bamboo
Pour a little out for the forgotten in September
There’s neon in the autumn we remember
I saw it in the embers, robotic wizard hobbling with a scepter
Riding comet tails through the cosmos and the desert
30 now with a lifetime ahead of me
Enough to spread the seed and sidewinding pedigree
So if you got a letter with a hood and sickle emblem
Leave that shit back where it was sent from
It’s gonna be a slow night…
Track Name: Down for the Ride
It’s a long way between you and I
It’s a long way down from the high
If it’s a long way, I’m down for the ride
Yeah, I’m down for the ride, Yeah, I’m down for the ride

About a month before the end foretold by Mayan scrolls
I was diagnosed and thrown upon the winding road
I’d already been shown what it’s like dying slow
Shown what it was like on diving highs and lows
When you’re dangling by a thread, the only choice is down
Deep in the crevasse where the buoyant voices drown
Blow kisses to the wind, whisper what I know
Mouth a loving ode, and tell ‘em cut the rope
Once you get adjusted, then it’s not so bad
I forgot all of the things that I thought I had
Eventually, you love it and get used to the fall
Cause there’s beauty in the process of losing it all
I watched as the dangers of the only way out
Became my favorite passageway, a safe escape route
There’s power in the bottom of the chasm’s gloomy yawn
That makes starting over easier than moving on